fufu is a creative agency
evolving on both music
and graphic fields.



At the heart of FuFu lies a deeply rooted passion for forward-thinking electronic music and a dedicated commitment on the support of its artists. The agency aims to be a true partner following step by step the process of organizing an event, the artist's research, the flight booking, the airport reception and the organization of the event.

As much as the international scene, we also promotes the local Hong Kong scene with monthly events in bars and clubs but also with punctual events always exploring new locations.


FuFu is also a design company which transform brands and businesses through carefully crafted design on print and web fields. We answer to client's briefs by taking care of them and giving them advices in order to offer singulars, attractive and creative projects that we will be both proud of.

Our creation process is the result of a meticulous working methodology that we perfectionned over the past years in France and which will allow us to answer the client's needs by defining together the goals and solutions to reach them.